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Should you Advertise with The Beck?

When you choose to advertise with The Beck, you choose to advertise to a local audience in Grey Bruce, Ontario!  The Beck is promoted locally, for locals and by locals!  Simple as that!  Whether you want to target a specific market like Owen Sound, or Kincardine, or if you would like to reach a broader audience from Saugeen Shores to The Blue Mountains, we have a plan that’s right for you!  You’re supporting local business, and the local economy when you choose to Advertise with The Beck!

Advertise with The Beck


The Beck offers


To ALL Beck Businesses!  For Life!

Beck Businesses

Beck Businesses receive Free Premium Advertising On The Beck:   Shops & Boutiques, Cafes & Restaurants, Home Decor and Renovation Stores, Fun & Entertainment, Automotive, Artists, Artisans & Galleries, Community Organizations Including Municipal, Charities, Non-Profits & Churches.

Premium - Free
For Life
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This plan is for all businesses that qualify as 'Beck Businesses'
FREE Listing
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4 Sales Per Month Added For You
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Premium - Concierge
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The Exact Same as the FREE Version - For Busy People!
Free Listing PLUS Free Set-Up
Add Coupons
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No Contracts
4 Sales Per Month Added For You
1 Announcement Per Month Added For You
$299+hst= $337.87
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Advertise with The Beck


The Beck offers


To Beck Sponsors!

Beck Sponsors

These are the businesses that help fuel The Beck.  Advertise with The Beck and your premium AD space is displayed throughout the website for everybody to see.  We don’t offer exclusive advertising to beck sponsors, however we do limit the amount of advertisements per directory.

Use your ad to draw the viewer to a landing page.  Or to your website!

If you don’t see your category under the ‘Beck Businesses’, chances are you qualify as a Beck Sponsor!

1 year
Single Directory
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1 year
2 Directories
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Beck Sponsor Details:

Ad Size

The ad size is 750w x 150h in pixels.

Ad Placement

Each advertiser (Beck Sponsor) will have 2 ad spaces on each and every business listing within the location they have purchased.  Ads will appear at the top and bottom of the listing content within that location.  Each advertiser can run 2 separate ads in the given spaces.

Ad Quality and Duration

The Beck reserves the right to refuse any ad that it feels goes against its policies, or is low quality in nature.  Your 365 day advertising timeline will begin once ADs are ‘proofed’ by both parties, and made live on the website.

Need More?

The Beck currently has 17 directories covering the entire Grey Bruce.  If you would be interested in having additional ad placements, please contact us.

* The Beck is a family friendly website.  We do not advertise organizations that are ‘Adult Only’ in nature.