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About Us


What The Beck?


Welcome to The Beck!  We’re a one-of-a-kind information gateway, serving Grey Bruce, Ontario!

Our Mission

To connect local businesses with consumers, while providing other relevant, local information!

What to expect

Consider The Beck to be a portal into the shops, stores and communities around Grey & Bruce.  From sales & promotions, to events & announcements we hope The Beck will pique your interest, and move you from our website, to their businesses.

Nothing flashy, or fancy!

Who The Beck?

The Beck Businesses

Here are the categories of businesses that make The Beck so incredibly unique:

  1. Shops & Boutiques (Ex. Fashion, Flowers, Decor)
  2. Spa & Beauty (Hair Salons, Aestheticians, Massage)
  3. Pets, Livestock & Farming (Pet and Farm Stores)
  4. Office & Computer (Computer Sales, Office Supply Stores)
  5. Home & Renovation (Flooring Stores, Hardware, Lumber etc)
  6. Health & Fitness (Gyms, Nutrition)
  7. Fun & Entertainment (Escape Rooms, Billiards, Golf, Theatres)
  8. Food & Grocery (From Farmers Selling Eggs to Niche Food Shops, to Grocery Chains!)
  9. Community (City, Charities, Non-Profits, Churches, Public Service)
  10. Cafes & Restaurants (Coffee Shops, Fast Food, Fine Dining and more!)
  11. Automotive (Mechanics, Accessories)
  12. Artists, Artisans & Galleries  (Soap makers, to furniture makers, painters, photographers etc.)

Beck Business are invited to create a FREE PREMIUM ACCOUNT on The Beck and to start uploading content and sales!!!

The Beck Sponsors

Every business model needs a revenue stream otherwise…  If you didn’t see your business category above, chances are you’re qualified to be an advertiser on The Beck!  We offer Cheap, Premium Advertising to The Beck Sponsors!  Beck Sponsors appear on the location pages, and each listing page within the respective location.  VIEW OUR ADVERTISING RATES.

Where The Beck?

Grey Bruce, Ontario

The Beck serves every city, town, village and hamlet in Grey & Bruce!

Next time you’re heading to a neighbouring municipality, you can ‘Check The Beck’ to see if there’s a sale going on at a local shop etc.,

You may notice that some shops are located in multiple directories!  If we determine that a specific store or business is a ‘niche’ market, and serves more that a specific municipality, we may choose to replicate its content in neighbouring directories!

The video below shows how to consumer uses The Beck

17 Directories to Serve You

  1. Arran-Elderslie (Serving Arran-Elderslie, Ontario.  Allenford, Arkwright, Arranvale, Burgoyne, Chesley, Dobbinton, Dunblane, Ellengowan, Elsinore, Gillies Hill, Invermay, Kelly’s Corners, Lockerby, Mount Hope, Paisley, Salem, Salisbury, Tara, Vesta and Williscroft.)
  2. Brockton – ( Serving: Brockton, Ontario.  Brant and Greenock Townships: Bradley, Cargill, Chepstow, Dunkeld, Eden Grove, Glammis, Greenock, Little Egypt, Malcolm, Maple Hill, Narva, Marle Lake, Lake Rosalind, Pearl Lake, Pinkerton, Portal, Riversdale, Solway and Walkterton.)
  3. Chatsworth – ( Serving: Chatsworth, Ontario.  Arnott, Berkeley, Desboro, Dornoch, Glascott, Grimston, Harkaway, Hemstock Mill, Holford, Holland Centre, Keady, Keward, Kinghurst, Lily Oak, Lueck Mill, Marmion, Massie, Mooresburg, Mount Pleasant, Peabody, Scone, Strathaven, Walters Falls, Williams Lake, and Williamsford.)
  4. Georgian Bluffs – (Serving:  Georgian Bluffs, Ontario. Alvanley, Balmy Beach, Benallen, Big Bay, Clavering, Copperkettle, Cruickshank, East Linton, Hogg, Inglis Falls, Jackson, Keady, Kemble, Kilsyth, Lake Charles, Lindenwood, Oxenden, Pottawatomi Village, Shallow Lake, Shouldice, Springmount, Squire, Wolseley and Zion.
  5. Grey Highlands – ( Serving:  Grey Highlands, Ontario.  Markdale, Flesherton, Artemesia, Euphrasia , Osprey, Eugenia Ceylon, Maxwell, Singhampton, Priceville, Kimberley, and Feversham.)
  6. Hanover – Hanover, Ontario is big enough to have it’s own directory!
  7. Huron-Kinloss – (Serving: Huron-Kinloss, Ontario. Amberley, Bruce Beach, Blair’s Grove, Clarks Church, Clover Valley, Holyrood, Kinlough, Langside, Lower Langside, Lucknow, Lurgan Beach, Pine River, Point Clark, Purple Grove, Reid’s Corners, Ripley, Verdun, and Whitechurch.)
  8. Kincardine – (Serving: Kincardine, Ontario. Armow, Baie du Dore, Bervie, Glammis, Inverhuron, Millarton, North Bruce, Tiverton, and Underwood.)
  9. Meaford – (Serving: Meaford, Ontario, Annan, Balaclava, Bognor, Centreville, Leith, and Woodford, Sydenham, St. Vincent)
  10. North Bruce Peninsula – (Serving: North Bruce Peninsula, Ontario. Lion’s Head, Tobermory, Barrow Bay, Clarke’s Corners, Dyer’s Bay, Ferndale, Hope Bay, Miller Lake, Pike Bay, and Stokes Bay)
  11. Owen Sound – Owen Sound, Ontario is big enough to have it’s own directory!
  12. Saugeen Shores – (Serving: Saugeen Shores, Ontario.  Port Elgin, Southampton.)
  13. South Bruce Peninsula – (Serving: South Bruce Peninsula, Ontario. Albemarle, Adamsville, Colpoys Bay, Hope Bay, Howdenvale, Mar, Purple Valley, Red Bay; McIver, Amabel, Allenford, Clavering, Elsinore, Hepworth, Oliphant, Park Head, Sauble Beach, Wiarton; French Bay, Sauble Beach South, Skipness, Tolmie)
  14. South Bruce – (Serving: South Bruce, Ontario.  Mildmay, Teeswater, Carlsruhe, Deemerton, Formosa and Salem.)
  15. Southgate – (Serving: Southgate, Ontario.  Dundalk, Proton and  Egremont)
  16. The Blue Mountains – (Serving The Blue Mountains, Ontario.  Thornbury, Banks, Camperdown, Castle Glen Estates, Christie Beach, Clarksburg, Craigleith, Duncan, Gibraltar, Swiss Meadows, Heathcote, Kolapore, Little Germany, Lora Bay, Loree, Ravenna, Red Wing, Slabtown, and Victoria Corners.)
  17. West Grey – (Serving: West Grey, Ontario.  Bentinck, Glenelg, Normanby, Neustadt, and Durham.)

Why The Beck

Advertising Is Changing

In today’s retail landscape, it is becoming increasingly difficult and very expensive for smaller businesses to compete using traditional advertising methods.  The internet offers an opportunity to market to the consumer at a fraction of the cost.  This is great news, however with over 1.8 Billion websites on the internet, it too has its unique set of challenges.  Similar to the evolution of shopping centres in the retail real estate landscape, the consumer wants to get the most value in the shortest time on the internet.

How The Beck?

Free Advertising

When the ‘Beck Businesses’ upload sales, promotions and product announcements, local consumers have the opportunity to browse through these various ads.  It’s really that simple.  The Beck is your Local Online Flyer!

Help us spread the word!  Visit our site often!  Support local business!

We would love to hear your feedback!  If you have any tips or suggestions on how we might improve The Beck, or if you find some errors on the site, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

When The Beck?

Coming Soon…

We’re currently in the process (January-February 2019) of spreading awareness to the businesses around Grey & Bruce.   If you’re a ‘beck business’ in Grey Bruce and you’ve read this far, what are you waiting for?  Set up your free listing, upload some specials, and get ready to reach some new customers!


Today you know The Beck as an online flyer!  But there’s a little more About Us that you might not know!!!

The Beck was originally started by 2 friends, Mike Seiler and Tim Chamber, as a cooperative flyer.  Simply put, smaller businesses would chip in to bring sales and promotions to the market via direct mail. (Canada Post).

The Beck Picture - About Us

Business could save thousands of dollars by being part of a cooperative.  However, it still meant paying a few hundred dollars per month to be involved.  As you may have guessed, a few hundred dollars is still a huge chunk of change for the average business!  The Beck was folded up and tucked away after a few short editions!

The Beck Today

Fast forward a couple of years later and The Beck has migrated into an ‘Online Flyer’.  Except this flyer went from featuring 8 Beck Businesses to UNLIMITED Beck Businesses.  The Beck also went from being a few hundred dollars to being ABSOLUTELY FREE!  Now there’s an idea worth pondering!

There’s a lot of ingredients in this recipe, but fair to say The Beck is here to play ball.  Launched in early 2019, it is our goal that the 17 directories covering the entire Grey Bruce, Ontario will be a raving success.  As The Beck becomes a household name, we plan to grow our coverage!  It is our mission to provide an amazing online service to both the businesses and the consumer.

Stay tuned for more innovation from The Beck.

Would you like to advertise on The Beck?  Check out our rates here…

Have any questions or feedback?  We would love to hear from you!  Contact Us…

Check out some of our key directories including: Owen Sound, Saugeen Shores, Hanover, Meaford and South Bruce Peninsula!